Morning Gloryville

fruitymgv morninggloryHey, feeling stuck in rut? The grind got you down? Case of the Mondays?
Well, I’ve got just the thing for you!!! It’s a little counterintuitive, but totally gonna give you a boost: a morning rave!!

Yup, morning gloryville are morning raves happening around the world in most major cities. They start early and are sober, healthy, dancing shindigs. They usually include yoga, free massages, juice bars, yummy treats, beautiful people and other fun surprises.

I went for the first time, here in Montreal and I had a blast. At first, I woke up and I was like “What am I doing? This is crazy and I want to sleep in.” But I went and really got into it and had a blast.


-Dancing your way into the day created a really positive boost and made me feel happy and alive. Nothing says, “bring it on!” like dancing your way into the day.

-It shook up my routine. I felt like I had a little vacay in my own city and my day felt different and special.

-It was clean and bright! No booze, haze, slimy guys, half lit rooms etc. Just good clean fun. There is something really revealing about flipping your party on it’s head and having clean daytime sober brightly lit fun :).

-Really fun crowd and inspiring people.

-Kids are welcome! If you are a parent you know that getting out and partying is tough, so in this case, just can just bring’em if you need too :).

Well, I could go on, and wax poetic, but really, for me it was just what I needed after really tough winter here in MTL. I will be sure to do it again and highly recommend it to you. Are you game?

Have you been to a morning gloryville party? What was your experience like?


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