Shampoo Bars!

shampoo bars

Hey hey. I want to tell you guys about our new obsession here at In the year 1967. The shampoo bar. It’s a beautiful thing! It’s all shampoo, no added water, no waste, all natural and travels super well. Seriously, have you thought about all the ridiculous waste that we create from our shampoo bottles? It’s crazy!

Shampoo bars are simple to use. You just wet your hair, rub your head all around with the bar, lather up and massage.  And then keep the bar dry so it lasts longer and doesn’t get all mushy. Yup, thats it.

Of course, like any beauty product you will want to choose one that meets your hair needs.

So here are a couple companies that have lovely offerings:

The first one based in the US is Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company:

Everything is all natural, organic, they have great reviews, small samplers to try and the ingredient lists will make you swoon.

Another great company, from Canada is LUSH:,en_CA,sc.html


Of course, another great option is to support your local soap maker at craft fairs and whatnot or check out etsy. So many gorgeous soaps! I just can’t get enough!!!

Or…You could just make your own bars! I have been making my own, which is great because you tailor your ingredients to your needs! Making shampoo bars is the same process as making cold process soap. But thats a whole other adventure which I highly recommend because it is very satisfying. But I will leave that for another post…

Have you tried shampoo bars? What were your impressions? What companies do you like?

Ciao, ciao! xox Kashi


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