Eeeek social media!

Wow. Social media. It seems like there’s a new social platform everyday and it can be really overwhelming and intimidating. I’m still not sure I totally understand what twitter is, but I know I’m on it and I post stuff.

Anyways I’m happy to report that all my names are synched on all platforms so far, the name is Intheyear1967 on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and here. If you have tips, please share on!

It’s weird because I know social platforms are supposed to be great just not sure yet how they all work yet. But in essence the more you post and interact in an authentic way the more your material will resonate with the public.

I have found social media to be good because it has allowed me  to connect with a broader public. For ex. a friend of a friend on facebook likes my work, she commisioned a necklace and wants to tell 3 of her friends about my brand (this sequence can go exponentially) equating to a larger audience, more brand awareness and sales. Boom, social media.

Back in the day, you know before the internet and all, people would “work a room”, network and go to cocktails to meet and greet. That still works btw. Because word of mouth is king.

And be authentic, it’s not about the “rat-race” because most people can smell a rat. Be in it, to BE, not to win.

xox Kashi (my side biz)


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